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The Beautiful Baby Harper was born shortly after my previous post, “Expecting Heather and Freddie“. She is about 3 weeks here. The words that kept coming up during the whole shoot were “she is so cute”. Besides being gorgeous she was a total doll the whole time smiling and making sweet little baby sounds. We didn’t have to venture far from Heather and Freddie’s home for this one. I brought all the props and back drops to make things easier on the new parents and I noticed this beautiful green hill on the way into their house. It made a perfect back drop for a chair I recently recovered. This $4 thrift store find along with a little paint and fabric really turned out nice. The first picture is one of my all time favorites. This is why I love taking pictures of new borns, the photographs make me smile no matter how many times I see them! I love what I do! Thank you Heather for allowing me to be the one to document your sweet baby’s first days.


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When I walked into little Henry’s downtown Santa Barbara home, near the Paradise Cafe, I was met with the most beautiful sight for a newborn photographer. A sleeping baby! Yes that was a joyous occasion. Not only because this 2 week old was absolutely precious but because sleeping babies make the best models, lol. And what a sweet heart this little guy was. Henry’s recently re-covered blue and white chair that was passed down from his Great Grandmother made the perfect prop for Sir Sleeps-a-Lot. Even after he woke up he gave us quite a few photographic moments. This little guy even made crying look adorable!














Embarrassingly  I am so behind on posting pictures you will get to see Emily’s pregnancy, shower, and New Born photos all at the same time. Although I think it kind of cool to see everything from beginning to end all in one post so maybe I will just start doing this on purpose! Emily is one of my favorite prego belly models ever! Her radiant pregnancy glow even surpasses this amazing spring arrangement of lilies and tulips. Emily is also one of the sweetest people I know.  She has since moved away but I can tell from her Facebook posts that she is such a wonderful wife and mother! She is in love with Jesus and that shines through in everything she does! I am truly blessed to know her and her beautiful family which has grown and added one more since all of these were taken. \rachelbradshaw-6307_Texture-XL rachelbradshaw-6308-XL rachelbradshaw-6329-XL rachelbradshaw-6358-2-XL rachelbradshaw-6362-XL rachelbradshaw-6367_texture-XL rachelbradshaw-6373_Texture-XL rachelbradshaw-6379-XL rachelbradshaw-6383-XL rachelbradshaw-6386-2-XL rachelbradshaw-6389_Texture-XL rachelbradshaw-6394_Texture-XL rachelbradshaw-6407_Texture-XL rachelbradshaw-6407-3-XL rachelbradshaw-6437_Texured-XL rachelbradshaw-6445-XL rachelbradshaw-7206-XL rachelbradshaw-7226-XL rachelbradshaw-7231-XL rachelbradshaw-7232-XL rachelbradshaw-7233-XL rachelbradshaw-7234-XL rachelbradshaw-7237-XL rachelbradshaw-7243-XL rachelbradshaw-7244-XL rachelbradshaw-7255-XL rachelbradshaw-7260-XL rachelbradshaw-7265-XL rachelbradshaw-7266-XLrachelbradshaw-9214-XL rachelbradshaw-9223-XL rachelbradshaw-9224-XL rachelbradshaw-9226-XL rachelbradshaw-9230-XL rachelbradshaw-9231-XL rachelbradshaw-9233-XL rachelbradshaw-9237-XL rachelbradshaw-9249-XL rachelbradshaw-9251-2-XL rachelbradshaw-9269-XL rachelbradshaw-9271-XL rachelbradshaw-9272-XL rachelbradshaw-9279-XL rachelbradshaw-9283-2-XL rachelbradshaw-9284-XL rachelbradshaw-9285-XL rachelbradshaw-9288-2-XL rachelbradshaw-9291-2-XL rachelbradshaw-9307-2-XL rachelbradshaw-9313-XL