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Embarrassingly  I am so behind on posting pictures you will get to see Emily’s pregnancy, shower, and New Born photos all at the same time. Although I think it kind of cool to see everything from beginning to end all in one post so maybe I will just start doing this on purpose! Emily is one of my favorite prego belly models ever! Her radiant pregnancy glow even surpasses this amazing spring arrangement of lilies and tulips. Emily is also one of the sweetest people I know.  She has since moved away but I can tell from her Facebook posts that she is such a wonderful wife and mother! She is in love with Jesus and that shines through in everything she does! I am truly blessed to know her and her beautiful family which has grown and added one more since all of these were taken. \rachelbradshaw-6307_Texture-XL rachelbradshaw-6308-XL rachelbradshaw-6329-XL rachelbradshaw-6358-2-XL rachelbradshaw-6362-XL rachelbradshaw-6367_texture-XL rachelbradshaw-6373_Texture-XL rachelbradshaw-6379-XL rachelbradshaw-6383-XL rachelbradshaw-6386-2-XL rachelbradshaw-6389_Texture-XL rachelbradshaw-6394_Texture-XL rachelbradshaw-6407_Texture-XL rachelbradshaw-6407-3-XL rachelbradshaw-6437_Texured-XL rachelbradshaw-6445-XL rachelbradshaw-7206-XL rachelbradshaw-7226-XL rachelbradshaw-7231-XL rachelbradshaw-7232-XL rachelbradshaw-7233-XL rachelbradshaw-7234-XL rachelbradshaw-7237-XL rachelbradshaw-7243-XL rachelbradshaw-7244-XL rachelbradshaw-7255-XL rachelbradshaw-7260-XL rachelbradshaw-7265-XL rachelbradshaw-7266-XLrachelbradshaw-9214-XL rachelbradshaw-9223-XL rachelbradshaw-9224-XL rachelbradshaw-9226-XL rachelbradshaw-9230-XL rachelbradshaw-9231-XL rachelbradshaw-9233-XL rachelbradshaw-9237-XL rachelbradshaw-9249-XL rachelbradshaw-9251-2-XL rachelbradshaw-9269-XL rachelbradshaw-9271-XL rachelbradshaw-9272-XL rachelbradshaw-9279-XL rachelbradshaw-9283-2-XL rachelbradshaw-9284-XL rachelbradshaw-9285-XL rachelbradshaw-9288-2-XL rachelbradshaw-9291-2-XL rachelbradshaw-9307-2-XL rachelbradshaw-9313-XL