The Beautiful Baby Harper was born shortly after my previous post, “Expecting Heather and Freddie“. She is about 3 weeks here. The words that kept coming up during the whole shoot were “she is so cute”. Besides being gorgeous she was a total doll the whole time smiling and making sweet little baby sounds. We didn’t have to venture far from Heather and Freddie’s home for this one. I brought all the props and back drops to make things easier on the new parents and I noticed this beautiful green hill on the way into their house. It made a perfect back drop for a chair I recently recovered. This $4 thrift store find along with a little paint and fabric really turned out nice. The first picture is one of my all time favorites. This is why I love taking pictures of new borns, the photographs make me smile no matter how many times I see them! I love what I do! Thank you Heather for allowing me to be the one to document your sweet baby’s first days.


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