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I had such a wonderful time with Josh and Jennie’s seriously  beautiful family. I met them at their friends flower farm Buellton, CA . The day was filled with laughing and giggles. The kids favorite part was when I lost my shoe in the mud, for some reason they found this hilarious. How we managed to keep them clean was beyond me, lol. As you can see these kids were total hams and I loved every minuet of it!


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The Beautiful Baby Harper was born shortly after my previous post, “Expecting Heather and Freddie“. She is about 3 weeks here. The words that kept coming up during the whole shoot were “she is so cute”. Besides being gorgeous she was a total doll the whole time smiling and making sweet little baby sounds. We didn’t have to venture far from Heather and Freddie’s home for this one. I brought all the props and back drops to make things easier on the new parents and I noticed this beautiful green hill on the way into their house. It made a perfect back drop for a chair I recently recovered. This $4 thrift store find along with a little paint and fabric really turned out nice. The first picture is one of my all time favorites. This is why I love taking pictures of new borns, the photographs make me smile no matter how many times I see them! I love what I do! Thank you Heather for allowing me to be the one to document your sweet baby’s first days.


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I first met Heather through Nicki at Peanuts Maternity & Kids and we instantly hit it off. I immediately saw a wonderful lifelong friendship forming. Since then we have done several photo sessions, many a play dates, and my son absolutely loved her baby music class, Shooting Stars. She also runs a wonderful blog called In Her Chucks filled with recipes and music Mondays. Her maternity session with Little Sparrows Photography was set in the quaint Orpet Park nestled in the middle of a beautiful  Santa Barbara California neighborhood on the Riviera. Heather looked absolutely radiant and I was so impressed that she was doing so well even though she wasn’t feeling the greatest that day.  We mosyed around this beautiful landscape with a bouquet of flowers, floral prints, and of course a pair of pink baby chucks for their soon to be daughter Harper.

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